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I guess all of us have some life favourites. Things that we are slightly addicted to.. that we like.. that make us happy..

Running is one of them for me. It’s my time.. only mine. And I find it more relaxing then tiring to be truthful.. But, well, I am not running marathons, so what do I know right? :)

Anther is chocolate. I am a great and loyal fun of it. In all possible forms, lately the dark kinds.. mmm.. So easy to make a mood better!

And wine.. yes, the good kinds of wine – not so many things that can compare with it..

I am trying to learn a bit more about the wines I like, therefore the post. Today I talked to my dearest of friends. She is an adorable person, who is always cheerful and smiling. Oh yes, and she is Catalan. The first time I visited her home, her father served us a delicious wine, that I love until now! It was Torres Viña Esmeralda.


The wine is made in Catalonia. It is a mixture of two different wine strains:

Moscatel de Alejandría(85%)- is part of the Muscat family. One of the oldest genetically unchanged grapes that still exist. It is a white wine grape that is very sensitive to cold during flowering season. Often used in raisins production, it is light bodied with flowery flavours.

Gewürztraminer(15%) on the other hand, likes cooler climates. It is an aromatic white grape. Due to high condensation of natural sugar it has a characteristic sweetness and flamboyant bouquet of floral notes and lychee’s. As for me, it has some delicious almond notes too:)

Torres Viña Esmeralda is a great complement to seafood dishes and cheeses.

I would love to hear your opinion about it :)