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I love food photography, and I know.. I am not alone in it.. 

There are so many people, taking great, delicious looking, photos of vegetables, fruits, dishes, smoothies.. name it.. Photos that make you crave for it.

I know that mine can’t even be compared to some of those tasty looking masterpieces, but I will try to make you at least a little bit hungry. Maybe even one day, make your stomach rumble.. : )

I know, I have a lot to learn, therefore I am surfing through cooking blogs and food photography blogs with hungry eyes and mind.


Today I tried playing a bit with contrasting colors. Deep darkness of eggplant’s skin and light whites and grays of garlic. Don’t hesitate, to let me know what you think..

Btw. If, by any chance, you did get a little crave for it, then it is part of this recipe.